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How Pillar Pages Get You More SEO Traffic

How Pillar Pages Get You More SEO Traffic

Pillar pages are a significant way to increase your SEO traffic. This article discusses how pillar pages get you more SEO traffic.

What is a pillar page?

Pillar is something that supports the whole building. A centre which provides connections and supports the rest of the building. Similarly, a pillar page is the centre of a website. It presents an overall view of all the content on your page.

The page acts a common point from where one can access various other contents in the webpage. One can take a more detailed look at the topics through links to various other contents.

  • It is a centre which includes larger or broader topics.
  • Provide links to cluster topics for detailed view

Your main objective while creating a pillar page should be to help your targeted audience. So, they can come to your page for detailed and knowledgeable information. As a growing digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, Need a Name would like to explore the importance of pillar page.

How does it influence SEO ranking?

A well-organized website with pillar page and associated links is more favoured by Google. One of the basic functions of a pillar page is organisation. It organizes your website. It allows Google to quickly understand your website matter and rank it.

When it is difficult to determine the subject matter of the website, then it is difficult to rank higher in Google. Moreover, it will be very useful for the audience as well.

Here’s how HubSpot illustrates pillar pages:
How Pillar Pages Get You More SEO Traffic

In order to create a pillar page, one should think beyond the traditional method of Keyword. Think about the topics that you want higher and then create a list of subtopics that is suitable for blog posts. You can give importance to keywords while you decide on topics for blog posts.

There should be two parts of the pillar page. Pillar pages should cover one larger topic and cluster content. Cluster content is the subtopics on which you write the blogs. For instance, you might write a pillar page about digital promotion– a broad topic — and a piece of cluster content about social media marketing — a more specific keyword within the topic.

Usually, pillar pages are longer than the usual blog posts. Because they comprehensively cover all aspects of the cluster topics along with core topics. It opens questions in the minds of readers which may lead them to read detailed blog posts.

Pillar pages should consist of answers to almost any queries one might search about the topic. When they enter your pillar page for the answers, it will lead them further to more specific cluster pages linked to the main page.


In a nutshell, pillar pages are an instrumental part of a website. It is the main page which includes a broader topic and comprehensively covers subtopics as well. It will be effectively linked to the sub or cluster topics for detailed information. A pillar page is very important in improving your rankings in the Search Engine.

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