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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Have you ever wondered how google autocomplete your search queries?

It is an application of artificial intelligence. Technology has become a significant part of everyday life. Whether it is Apple Siri or Alexa, artificial intelligence is a common part of daily life these days. It is already transforming the field of digital marketing. Here is the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

What is artificial intelligence?

As the name suggests, it is manmade intelligence. It includes products or innovations that can replace human labour such as in learning, visual recognition and many other cognitive tasks . Essentially, it’s the ability of a machine to copy human knowledge.

AI in Marketing

Usage of artificial intelligence is becoming  popular in the field of digital marketing. With increased use of the internet, almost every customer depends on the internet to discover more about the products or services. In modern marketing based on Artificial Intelligence, advertisers are equipped for anticipating the purchaser conduct and can contact their crowd better.

Personalisation of content is a revolutionary change brought by artificial intelligence in digital marketing. Here you are reading the customers. One can present products that are favourable for the  customer. Above all, it creates a big impact in sales and good for the customers too, as they can easily find products suitable to their tastes.

AI provides tools that are suitable for all business. Whether small or big company, you can find AI tools that are suitable for your range. Digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram are already using artificial intelligence to connect to potential customers.

AI chatbots

AI chatbots are widely used in customer services these days. It is very easy to use and deliver good experience for the customers. AI chat bots have many advantages compared to manual customer service Chatbots. It can deliver its service to many instead of traditional one-to-one form.

It can also provide round the clock service to customers. That is to say, tiredness or fatigue doesn’t affect chatbots. Moreover, customers can also avail the service of chatbots in the language they prefer to use. It allows a brand to localize their customer service.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is indeed a field that has adopted artificial intelligence successfully. It is used in almost all digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google and Instagram for best experience. These platforms display most relevant advertisements to people after analysing their information.

Using AI marketers can predict trends. For this reason, it allows them to make strategic decisions about budgets and who they target. As a result, brands can reduce unnecessary advertising and ensure that their effort delivers the best possible results.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be personalized by using Artificial Intelligence. So, it enables marketers to deliver emails that are more relevant to customers. Therefore they can deliver relevant emails to customers’ inboxes, with subject lines, product recommendations and messaging all being chosen based on a customer’s behaviour.

It can maximise the results of email marketing. AI tools help email marketers to reach the right customers at the right time, ensuring that message is relevant, engaging and more likely to convert. Therefore, conversion rates of customers can go very high with AI based email marketing.

IKEA example

IKEA   for example, is a good instance to understand the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in marketing. This leading company in the home décor has used many possibilities of artificial intelligence. It uses Artificial Intelligence to offer users curated and personalised home furnishing advice.

Some years back IKEA launched an augmented reality app.  It  allows customers to design rooms by virtually test-driving furniture and home goods. So customers can visualise their homes with new décor making selection process easier.

Here are some AI tools that are helpful for digital marketing

Google cloud AI – Help you to create marketing strategies supported by technology.
Hubspot– It is an all in one marketing automation software that helps you for online marketing.
Acrolinx – AI powered platform that uses machine learning, Natural Language Processing and other algorithms that help digital marketers to create suitable campaigns.
Bloomreach – It is a smart tool that helps you in all stages of the marketing process from estimation to execution.
Concured– This AI tool analyses the past behaviour of customers and suggests possible purchase options.


In short, digital marketing has huge possibilities to use AI in its platforms. Investing on new transformations based on Artificial Intelligence can be a great asset to your company.
You may fall behind in competition if you are not using AI based techniques. AI tools are user friendly. So, start exploring them soon.

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